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What God is doing

I just was interviewed by my friend, Dr. Daniel King, for his evangelism podcast. Check it out. It will bless your day!

Rubens speaking at Band of Brother's retreat

I had a wonderful time speaking to the leadership team of Band of Brothers Tulsa Area over the weekend. The Holy Spirit moved with power bringing healing, new revelation, and prophetic anointing. In the meeting, we talking about how to operate in supernatural ministry. Some of the teachers were: how to pray for healing and…

Feeding families

❤️ We just reached the amazing mark of 200,000 pounds of food donated this year. Despite the severe restrictions, we continue to share the Gospel with the poor and vulnerable in our generation. Thousands made a decision to follow Christ, families have been restored, suicides avoided. ❤️ We would like to thank you for your…

Loving people

Today, I want to honor our evangelism teams in Brazil. The poorest communities have been hit hardest during the Covid-19 pandemic. Every single week, I receive heart-wrenching testimonies of families in abject poverty facing hunger and desperation. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our teams have tirelessly shared the Gospel and 180,000 Lbs of food…

Rubens Cunha preaching

Revive was a gospel campaign in the city of Saint Cloud in Minnesota put together by a group of friends that love Jesus and want to see America touched by the power of God. We spent a week together praying, praying, and teaching the Gospel. The results were simply beyond our expectations. Dozens made a decision…

Rubens speaking in Eagan MN

Last Sunday, I had the honor to speak for Pastor Jamey VanGelder from The House Church in Eagan-MN. The message was about prophet Ezekiel’s vision of God’s river of life in the book of Ezekiel chapter 47. Here is the video of the entire service. Enjoy!

Divine Provision

Lena is a single mother of six children. Affected by the pandemic, she lost her job and all her income. On the evening of October 10th, she cooked their last pound of rice, shared it with her six children, prayed for them, and sent them to bed. The children slept, but Lena spent the night…

Training pastors in Tulsa

What a joy to speak for Pr. Rod D. Baker and NorthStar Bridge last week at the Wesley Chapel in North Tulsa. In this meeting, we were training pastors on how to do Food Outreaches in America.g, we were training pastors on how to do Food Outreaches in America. The current pandemic has opened a…

Rubens speaking at Victory

Last week, I was honored to speak for Pr. Mark Kresge at Victory College. My message was about the Holy Spirit and his empowerment for missions. It was a wonderful experience to minister to hungry hearts ready to live the Great Commission in our generation

Rubens at ORU

I was honored to record for the Online School of Evangelism yesterday at the ORU Studios. The school is an initiative of the Global Evangelist Alliance and will soon be available to students all over the world. God is raising a new generation of evangelists that move in the power of the Holy Spirit and…

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