“The planting of a new church is the single most effective way to establish a continuous Christian presence in a community. The new church becomes a beacon of light, hope and truth to all that come in contact with it. ”

Ev.Rubens Cunha

Imagine going to a place where the Gospel has not yet been preached. A place with no Christian church, be it protestant, catholic, or of any other confession. Communities that have no Bibles and no teaching of the Word of God. Nothing. Those places still exist in our world today and require our urgent attention. In our ministry, we work with native churches to locate and reach such communities. We do not start the churches ourselves but facilitate the planting of new congregations through planning, encouragement, outreaches, and funding. Dozens of churches have been planted using this unique approach to support native ministers who desire to start new churches but lack the resources to do that. We created our church planting fund to help establish a Christian presence in previously unreached villages. 

Help us establish a Christian presence in unreached communities

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