School Outreaches

“Children and teenagers are reached more easily than adults, however most of the evangelism in our day neglect this import group.”

Ev.Rubens Cunha

Most public schools in the world have never experienced an evangelistic outreach. Even though some nations have laws that make this task more difficult, there are still many open doors of opportunities to reach children and teenagers at schools in our generation.

As a matter of fact, the main issue limiting this type of evangelism in nations with religious freedom is not any legislation contrary to the propagation of the Gospel or opposition to the Christian faith. The problem is that there are very few that are doing it.

In fact, we find many school Principals are happy to have a team of Christians come and share the Word of God with their students.

As we reach a city, we strive to bring teams to announce the Gospel in the schools, and at the same time, we challenge local churches to continue the outreaches and start prayer groups or Bible clubs at these schools.

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