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What God is doing

I just was interviewed by my friend, Dr. Daniel King, for his evangelism podcast. Check it out. It will bless your day!

Rubens speaking in Eagan MN

Last Sunday, I had the honor to speak for Pastor Jamey VanGelder from The House Church in Eagan-MN. The message was about prophet Ezekiel’s vision of God’s river of life in the book of Ezekiel chapter 47. Here is the video of the entire service. Enjoy!

Food Outreach in the US

Profound disagreements exist among many Christians regarding the role of evangelism and social action. Some advocate that our supreme task is soul-winning; others believe that true disciples of Christ Christ should bring social transformation by serving the marginalized in our world. However, evangelism and social action don’t need to conflict but can complement each other…

On November 27th, 2018, the Brazilian news agencies reported on what seemed unbelievable: an entire city was under siege by a group of 50 robbers armed with military-grade weapons. They terrorized the city of Bacabal for a period of four hours, shoot randomly at city buildings and burned cars. Their goal was a cargo of…

How to pray for healing

Heal the sick in Jesus name: The ministry of healing and deliverance was given by Jesus to all His disciples. It does not depend on our merits or efforts, but it is made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross.

How to pray for healing

Principle #7: Put faith in action – Most of those that were healed in the New Testament and in our days received their miracle when they put their faith in action. That is, when by faith, they began to do what they could not do before.

How to pray for healing

Principle #6: Pray with spiritual authority – In the name of Jesus, we were given authority to speak to circumstances and diseases and call miracles into existence.

How to pray for healing

Principle #5: Cast out the spirit of infirmity – On several occasions, Jesus and his disciples healed the sick by expelling demonic spirits. Today we can do the same with the authority of His wonderful name.

How to pray for healing

Principle # 4: The laying of hands – When you pray for divine healing, lay your hands on the sick person and trust that the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in you will flow to that person and bring healing.

How to pray for healing

Principle #3: Petition prayer – The Bible promises as that all we ask according to God’s will be given to us. It is important to understand that divine health is His will for His children.

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