crowd juazeiro - Copia

Reaching entire cities with the love of Christ and the power of His resurrection!


To proclaim Jesus Christ to every person, in all nations, through all possible means, until He returns.


To proclaim the Gospel with signs and wonders in city-wide evangelistic campaigns, to equip the Body of Christ to be effective soul-winners, facilitate the planting of new churches and provide humanitarian help.


Engagement of local churches: An evangelistic campaign only takes place if local pastors unanimously agree to work together to reach every single person in their city.

Training Seminars: Before the evangelistic campaign, local Christians receive training on evangelism, healing, deliverance and follow up strategies.

Evangelistic Campaigns: Large crowds gather to hear the Gospel, receive salvation and miracles. Humanitarian projects and Bible distribution take place.

Follow up: Trained Christians follow up with those that made a decision for Christ. New churches are planted. New leaders are raised.