Endorsements and friendships

Kevil Palau from Palau miinistries

Kevin Palau – President at Luis Palau Association – Portland, OR

I’ve been so encouraged to see the way the Lord has used the evangelistic ministry of my friend Rubens Cunha not only in his native Brazil, but all around the world. We share a passion for the Gospel, for the local church, and for raising others up with the gift and calling of evangelism.

Chris Dow from Christian Chapel in Tulsa OK

Chris Dow – Lead Pastor at Christian Chapel – Tulsa, OK

I have known Rubens & Steffi Cunha for 16 years. I have observed, supported, and participated in their ministry in the United States and in Brazil. Their evangelistic efforts have resulted in multitudes experiencing the life-transforming power of Jesus. Global Gospel Action is a great resource and blessing to the local church in every community that they serve. They partner with local pastors to equip the local church for evangelism and to make sure that those who discover new life in Christ through their ministry are immediately connected with a local church to continue their journey as followers of Jesus. Rubens and Steffi serve God and his people with humility and integrity. I highly recommended their ministry in your church and in your city.

Werner Nachtigal from Go Movement

Werner Nachtigal – Intl. President of GO Movement – Berlin, Germany

Global Gospel Action (GGA) is a powerful holistic approach to the continuation of the Book of Acts. Rubens Cunha’s burden for the lost runs through his entire ministry. I encourage everyone to join this initiative.


Dr. Daniel King – President of King Ministries – Tulsa, OK

Rubens Cunha is a passionate evangelist who has a big heart for leading people to Jesus. He is skilled at motivating churches to reach the lost. His ministry is full of integrity and miracles.

Dr. Larry Martin

Dr. Larry Martin – President at River of Revival Ministries – Duncan, OK

It is an honor to recommend the ministry of Rubens Cunha. It isn’t always easy to find a man who is highly successful, yet wrapped in humility. Rubens is that kind of man. He is a powerful preacher of the gospel and God honors his ministry with healing, deliverance, and salvation.
Ruben’s mass evangelism campaigns in his native Brazil are legendary. In city after city, he and his team have won hundred-thousands to Christ. Rubens is congenial, gracious, and generous. He is passionate about ministry and even more passionate about souls.
Rubens Cunha would bless any church, any conference, or any other venue where Christ is exalted.

Rod Baker NorthStar Bridge

Rod Baker – Senior Pastor at Northstar Church – Glenpool, OK

I have participated in Gospel festivals all over the world and have never seen any evangelistic campaigns that are more intentional or more organized than Rubens Cunha’s events. This is a ministry of excellence, integrity, and miracles.


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