Open/Close Menu Rubens Cunha proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation through evangelistic campaigns, equipping of the church and humanitarian aid.

Over 30,000 people came to hear the Gospel. Many traveled several hours by boat, others walked through the forest. It was a Holy Spirit revival in the Amazon! We are grateful to our partners and intercessors for sending us to the most remote parts of our world to proclaim the hope of the the Gospel.

We recently had a wonderful Gospel campaign in Barra do Corda, Brazil. The city is located in the NE part of the nation, in a region known as the gateway to the Amazon.Once again Jesus confirmed the Gospel with extraordinary miracles. The healing anointing was so intense that people were healed even before the message…

He suffered with a scoliosis and a herniated disk… He visited 12 different doctors but could not find relief… until a miracle took place!

Gospel Festival in Jeremoabo

Jeremoabo was one of the least evangelized cities in Brazil, but the destiny of this city was changed by the power of God! We saw thousands come to Christ and amazing healings happen to people all over the region.  New churches were birthed out of this campaign and existing churches gained new members. Thank you,…

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