See what Jesus is doing in the Amazon forest

Manacapuru was a historic crusade in the Brazilian Amazon forest. The short videos below report on this 3-night campaign and the extraordinary miracles Jesus did in this remote region. 

Over 50% of the entire city heard the Gospel face to face, and more than 15,000 people decided to follow Jesus.  It is harvest time in the Amazon!


The first night of our campaign in Manacapuru was supernatural! This city in the Brazilian Amazon is ripe for harvest, and the Gospel was confirmed with many extraordinary miracles.

My favorite miracle was the healing of a woman with cancer on the left side of her face. The aggressive cancer had eaten up part of her face and destroyed her inner ear and part of her jaw, but Jesus RECREATED what was destroyed, and she was able to hear again! What an amazing God we serve!


The second night of our Manacapuru Amazon campaign was great, though there was clear spiritual opposition and it felt very hard to preach tonight.

The crowd increased, as well as the number of people saved and miracles. God poured a great deliverance anointing and hundreds that were oppressed by the devil were set free. It is miracle time in Manacapuru, Brazil!


Thank you, Jesus for the amazing harvest of souls in Manacapuru! We had 10,000 decision cards printed out for tonight, but we ran out!

Local fire marshals said that over 35,000 people attended the last night of our event, and our team estimates that 50% of the entire city came to the crusade during this 3-night campaign. This was a phenomenal response at the heart of the Brazilian Amazon forest. Thank you for your prayers and support!

About Us

Rubens Cunha is a Brazilian born missionary evangelist, author, and international speaker who has led hundreds of thousands to Christ worldwide through massive evangelistic campaigns. His global evangelistic ministry follows the model of Jesus: proclamation and demonstration of the salvation message with signs and wonders.

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