A Kingdom Success Story

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I met Pr. William Carvalho in June 2016 in our Taua campaign in the Brazilian state of Ceara. When the crusade came to his city he saw it as an answer to prayer and decided to seize the moment. He gathered a small team and worked hard to invite people to the campaign and later followed up with those that made a decision for Christ.

9 churches planted in 2 years

Once he got the decision cards from the campaign, he started a church that has been truly blossoming in this poor semi-arid region. So far, he has already planted nine new churches and have eleven ‘preaching points’, sort of makeshift churches in homes or backyards that will give birth to future congregations.

“The crusade was a gift from God and I am very happy” said Pr. Carvalho. For us, people like Pr. Carvalho that understand God’s calling to win souls and advance His Kingdom are like a breath of fresh air that clearly illustrate the eternal impact of our crusades.

Pr Carvalho now is looking for donors that could help him build more rural churches. If you are interested, let us know and we will make the connection. Perhaps this time, it is your turn to seize the moment.


About Us

Rubens Cunha is a Brazilian born missionary evangelist, author, and international speaker who has led hundreds of thousands to Christ worldwide through massive evangelistic campaigns. His global evangelistic ministry follows the model of Jesus: proclamation and demonstration of the salvation message with signs and wonders.

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